About Eva’s Kitties

Our Philosophy and Approach

  • We are a no-kill, rescue organization and our cats are free to roam within the safety of their foster homes.
  • We employ a thoughtful process in seeking adopters who will provide forever homes where our cats can enjoy being loved while bringing joy to those in their new home.
  • We work hard to make sure that our cats are able to enjoy a quality life that is free from pain and fear. We believe that it is our human responsibility to make sure that they are well loved!
  • The majority of the money we raise goes into food, pet supplies, and medical care for the cats.


Our Leaderhsip

Cathy Livingston, PhD

photo of Cathy Livingston's cat

Cathy has always had a special place in her heart and soul for all animals, but hands down, cats know that they are her spirit animal. She has adopted abandoned cats and provided them with a loving, caring home since graduating from college.

When her 17-year-old cat, Nutmeg, passed away in 2014, her veterinarian recommended that she visit local cat rescue organizations that take in abandoned and lost cats in need of a new home. Cathy checked out local organizations, and indeed came home with two lovely, adorable cats who have done an excellent job of training their “cat mom.”

Cathy became intrigued with the quality care that local organizations fostering cats in homes could provide for these delightful critters while the volunteers were working to find them forever homes. In 2018, along with other volunteers that had been caring for lost cats, she and others joined together to form a new organization. We chose to name the organization, Eva’s Kitties, Inc. in honor of Eva Miller who had been fostering and caring for cats for nearly twenty years.

Dr. Livingston has served as President since the beginning, and along with other Board Members and volunteers, has lead the organization since its founding in 2018.

Cathy has many years of senior leadership roles in K-12 and Higher Education institutions and has run a non-profit focusing on supporting urban youth. She has served as President of local, regional, and State Boards. All of these experiences have proven beneficial in helping bring vision and leadership to this promising organization. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana before relocating to the Boston area.

Marthann Volante

photo of Marthann Volante's Cat

Anyone who has spent extended time with Marthann would readily acknowledge that a big heart is one of her many wonderful qualities. She is known for her willingness to respond quickly and willingly to help whenever she is called upon to assist. Our furry friends – particularly dogs and cats – also benefit from her loving care. Beginning in her childhood and continuing to the present, animals have always played a role in her life.

For fifteen years, she volunteered her time leading a training course for the Concord Dog Training Club. She worked with young children to help them understand how to care for and live with dogs in their households. And for the last fifteen years, she has provided foster care for abandoned, lost, and injured cats. In addition to caring for the cats in her home, she is our number one bargain shopper, keeping our foster care sites stocked up on the supplies they need to care for the animals in their care. Her equanimous nature is a great asset whether she is working with her four-legged friends or our volunteers committed to connecting animals with loving, permanent homes.

Before she retired, Marthann spent her career in the florist industry, which provided her with daily opportunities to use her creative skills in designing beautiful floral arrangements. In addition to artistic talents, she takes great pride in applying all of the carpentry and handywoman skills that she learned working alongside her father growing up. Watching her tackle a home improvement project – whether it involves painting, wallpapering, or carpentry work – it’s easy to recognize that she is in her element. She is our go-to person when we need help in solving a host of practical problems.

Her colleagues also turn to her when a grounded, neutral, and unbiased assessment is important in helping working through difficult decisions and finding appropriate compromises.

Sandy Sener

photo of Sandy Sener's cat

Sandy looked for a volunteer activity that would allow her to be more involved with her community and found a cat rescue & shelter organization. Cats are definitely members of the community! Ever since childhood, the family pet was usually her most preferred family member. And since then, she finds relationships with animals to be as enjoyable and valuable as those with her human friends.

Sandy brings a variety of valuable skills to Eva’s Kitties’ Board of Directors. In her career, she has used her creative skills to design clothing for both private customers, while simultaneously serving in critical roles in the garment industry.  Sandy — while very modest about her accomplishments and talents — has owned and operated a small business, and worked on staff at a university.

Currently in her work with Eva’s Kitties, she is drawing on her multiple skills to provide assistance to tackle varied tasks that need attention.  Her proficiency in written communication and her ability to organize and simplify complex information is frequently in demand. Sandy assumed the role of Treasurer in 2019 and has been keeping excellent track of our finances since then.

Over the years, at least two cats have been members of her household at any given time. Currently she was reflecting on her daily communications with her beloved Maine Coon and was startled to realize that never in their thirteen years together has the cat ever said one word!

What’s Behind Our Name

Eva’s Kitties, Inc. was founded in October 2018 in order to provide ongoing care for more than sixty cats. We chose to name the new organization “Eva’s Kitties” in honor of Eva Miller, a long-serving volunteer who devoted many years to caring for homeless cats, including opening her home as a foster care site.